Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Reign of terror in the Maldives

***Updated: See below for updates*** _

There is a brutal, concerted effort by the runaway police department to crush protests by supporters of President Nasheed, following his release today.

I have personally witnessed the heavy handed tactics employed to combat MDP activists, energized by the release of President Nasheed earlier today after yesterday's coup d'etat that forced him to resign.

Tear gas was used indiscriminately on Orchid magu near the Supreme court building. Two people were beaten up and lay motionless on the street for a long time before they were dragged and shoved into an ambulance.

Then I saw a police jeep speeding into a crowd of protesters. A police jeep. Absolutely reprehensible.

Man beaten unconscious by the riot police today
 [Pic source:]

I am not an MDP member. I have criticized President Nasheed often. But witnessing the coup d'etat unfold yesterday before my eyes is extremely troubling. 

Especially worrisome was the violence and brutality of the "elite" riot police, created and trained under the Gayoom regime, who stormed into MDP quarters and trashed the place, and severely beat up several MDP activists in the events leading up to the coup.

I have seen videos of the MDP quarters set on fire and utterly destroyed. By the Police.

The violence leading up to the coup was simply unprecedented. The pitched battles between the police and the military was simply unheard of.

Traitors propping up the proxy government [Source: Haveeru]

Images of bloodied and beaten MDP supporters and activists are doing the rounds. From what I can see, the Police are showing absolutely no restraint.

The Police and military are traitors to the nation. The country is now a military state, with a runaway judiciary  controlled by the old Gayoom establishment, and now a proxy government. In other words, every progress made under the democratic revolution is now completely reversed.

Former MDP parliamentary group leader "Reeko" Moosa, after being attacked today by the "Police" 
[via Raajje TV]

The release of President Nasheed - no doubt under tremendous international pressure - is a huge tactical mistake by the coup leaders.

The country is full of 'activists', but none of them of the calibre of President Nasheed. His entry into a MDP meeting today, with a smile on his face, visibly electrified the utterly demoralized MDP of yesterday.

Within no time, massive crowds of his supporters poured out on the streets in Male', Addu, and other population centers of the country. Police stations and courts have been set on fire in the rebellious south - a known MDP stronghold.

The Police has since forcibly taken the President and other senior figures into custody. The mayors elected members of Addu and Male' have been attacked in the street by the uniformed thugs.

President Nasheed's supporters in Male' today

The military state has taken over the state media, which refuses to show any of the protests or the bloody crack down. (So much for 'protecting the constitution')

I am counting on foreign diplomats, media and other agents of influence - anyone who reads my blog to make sure the truth is out there.

I've always considered Dr Waheed a respectable, moderate and learned man. But his government - installed by a coup d'etat staged by the powerful opposition interests - is simply unjustifiable. There is no respectable option for him but to resign and hold immediate elections.

Every democracy of the world should condemn this shocking power grab - and the subsequent reign of terror.

Suddenly, we're back in 2006 again.

This is first degree treason by the criminals in uniform, the very people who are bound by law to protect the citizens. Treason, by the leaders of PPM, DRP, the Islamist parties and others who have been working overtime to revive the old Gayoom establishment.

Treason. Plain and simple.

UPDATE 1: has posted a picture of Reeko Moosa Manik being taken into custody. The battered, bloodied image of Reeko from earlier in this post was obviously taken afterward. - clearly suggesting that the MP was beaten by the Police while in their custody.